Hi I'm Penny...

I have worked within the NHS for 26 years in Sexual Health and Oncology. In 2004 I was diagnosed with ME and this is where my Spiritual and Holistic path truly began with an interest in alternative therapies and such like.


I have always had a love for crystals from an early age, however, it was not until April 2013 that I finally made the connection. I had been recovering from an operation on my knee and had taken up meditation when I decided to contact the author/producer of the CD to make an appointment for a crystal healing and the rest is history. My thirst for knowledge grew and over the coming months / years I became a Crystal Practitioner and Master Crystal Teacher. I love the teaching and seeing and feeling the reaction from people when they feel the crystal energy, whether it be for the first time as a total beginner or someone who has worked with crystals previously. I teach Crystal healing from Introductory workshops up to Practitioner level courses both in groups and a 1:1 basis as well as Crystal Healing Consultations and Crystal Percrisptions .


From crystals I attended a Psychic Art workshop and met a beautiful soul who has taught me the art of sound healing through tuning forks. This has added another dimension to my own self-healing as well as through my work and teaching.  I personally use sound healing as part of my daily routine. I run sound workshops and also Sound Healing Consultations. I am also qualified in Reiki, EFT and Meditation.

With Love, Penny

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