Crystal Healing - Level 4
Master Teacher

Are you ready to pass your Crystal knowledge on to others?

If so then this course will consolidate what you have learnt through Crystal Healing Levels 1, 2 & 3 to enable you to have the confidence to go and teach the aforementioned levels and present crystal talks and workshops.

Two days of individual and group work with lots of practical exercises. You will as always experience another level of self-healing.

  • What is a Master Teacher

  • Identifying crystals

  • You and crystals, your crystals, your practice and experience

  • Teaching techniques are taught throughout the weekend

  • Revision of Crystals/Crystal Healing Level 1

  • Revision of Crystals /Crystal Healing Level 2

  • How crystals work really work!

  • Light and quantum physics

  • Sensing crystal energies, devising new crystal exercises

  •  Day one - over-night homework

    • written essay no warning of subject

    • devise a practical exercise no warning of subject

  • Day two - Teaching demonstration by of students

    • Write a crystal meditation 



Personal Investment: £595.00

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Ready to discover the teacher inside of you? 

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