Crystal Healing - Level 1

A very practical and informative 2 days working with crystals. Crystals for self-healing, self-development and treating yourself, family and friends. You will learn:

  • How crystals are formed

  • Identifying crystals

  • How crystals work – technology & healing

  • Cleansing, Protection & Grounding

  • Crystal energy experience

  • Crystal healing – Physical Pain

  • Choosing Crystals using intuition and a pendulum 

  • Chakras - what, where, why, which and how

  • Crystal Chakra sets – healing yourself and others

  • Selecting Crystals and layout for healing – 17 point treatment plan – gridding, quartz stars, amethyst trails, brushing and sealing the aura 

  • Basic introduction to treatments - Room Preparation, ambience, crystals, preparing yourself, your client

  • Heart centre, physical, emotional, spiritual, crystals

  • Stress, fight and flight response/relaxation response

  • Programming crystals: Why and How

  • Crystal balls, crystal skulls, scrying, meditation, space clearing, distant healing, earth healing

  • Crystal sculpts

Personal Investment: £175.00 

Bookings & Enquiries


If you think Crystal Healing Level 1 is for you we would love to hear from you. 

So to find out more information or just for a chat, click below to send us an email or call us on 07803 144 898.

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